Psoriasis is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and incredibly difficult to get under control... Until Now! Discover a natural, holistic routine that will heal your psoriasis forever. Bold claim. I stand by it!
You’re reading this page right now because you or someone you love dearly suffers from psoriasis or scalp psoriasis. And I’ll be the first to admit, that living with psoriasis has taken my power away from me more times than I care to admit.

If you’re tired of going through life feeling like someone has literally put a curse on you for making you live with this emotionally draining skin disorder, please keep reading. 

Since being diagnosed with psoriasis 22+ years ago, I've made it my quest to learn the ins and outs of this disorder so I could live a normal life.

What I’m about to share with you is incredibly personal. 
NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE knows what you have gone through behind closed doors trying to cope with this health issue. ANYONE who doesn’t have psoriasis (ok, well maybe your mom understands because you’ve cried to her on more than 2 dozen occasions), doesn’t have a clue what it's really like.

The rest of the world has no idea how "emotionally taxing" this health issue is! Getting out of bed each morning can be a struggle. Of course, no one else would understand because psoriasis isn’t exactly "debilitating or painful", but actually IT IS. 
Emotionally, psoriasis is a kick in the heart.
I remember this day like it was yesterday... I was so over crying about
my condition, so the next day I started manifesting my healing.
It pulls at your heartstrings like Whitney Houston did with her voice. Psoriasis SUCKS.

I know, because I was once covered head to toe in psoriasis. Yeah. I’m not kidding. 

When I went to the dermatologist to find out what it was, it took several visits and a biopsy before they finally figured it out. That’s when the nurse at the doctor’s office told me, “you have the worse case of psoriasis I have ever seen.”

Yeah. It was that bad.

But I’m going to share with you information about psoriasis that you may not have heard before. Heck, you might not even realize you have psoriasis or scalp psoriasis until now — maybe you never knew there was a name for all those scales and red patches on your head and all over your trunk, limbs, elbows and knees.

But here you are on this page, and that's no accident.

When I was 18 I moved from San Diego to San Francisco for college. I went from pure sunshine to dreary, cold, damp, and windy weather of San Francisco, but I always felt like I didn’t belong, so hanging out with the misfits in San Francisco seemed like the perfect plan.

Only, it wasn’t.

During my first year in college I didn’t have any friends. As you can imagine, I became very lonely and extremely depressed. What was once a glowing, healthy tan body within months became a pastie-white, never-saw-the-sun body. I literally looked like a GHOST. 

I was at an all time low.

But I was in college and determined to make the most of my studies and wander the streets of San Francisco with the rest of the misfits.

One afternoon, while opening mail I received a letter from my school that I needed to get vaccinated before I could register for next year’s classes.

If there is one thing you should know about me right now, it’s that I’m terrified of needles. TERRIFIED (despite being covered in tattoos!)
I put off the vaccination for as long as I could, until I literally couldn’t register for classes.
I begged the administration to waive the vaccination for fear I would pass out on their floor, but they were adamant! I had to get the vaccine.

The vaccine was a Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine. I really didn’t know anyone who had ever had the measles and I had never even heard of rubella, but like a good student, I wanted to register for my sophomore year in college, so I scheduled the appointment.

I can’t really remember what the experience of seeing the needle was like, but it was a fast process and I was in and out in a couple minutes. All done. Thank GOD!

I went home that afternoon from class and was excited to receive a phone call from my best friend from high school who told me she wanted to move to San Francisco. 

She was only 16 years old, but her dad felt I was a responsible role model for her (I was, I promise!) and said it would be okay if she moved from San Diego to San Francisco to be with me.

She told me she was taking the GED that weekend and if she passed, she would be moving up just a few short weeks later. AMEN! Finally a friend in my life!

At the time I was living in a run down two story house with 8 roommates. And I can probably assume the dingy walls were filled with mold. Yeah, MOLD.
I was sleeping on a lumpy futon and I couldn't afford a dresser.
I remember I bought one of those cardboard DIY dressers from Target. As crazy as it sounds, even though I was dirt poor and barely able to feed myself, living in San Francisco was a dream come true.

Until, it wasn’t.

The very next week while showering I noticed a couple red spots on my stomach. I’d never seen anything like that on my body before, so I started freaking out. Like, REALLY freaking out.

A couple more days went by and the red spots started to multiply. In fact, they were multiplying so fast that I feared I had the chicken pox (I’d never had them before) or some kind of fatal disease. I called my mom immediately crying my eyes out.

I didn’t have health insurance at the time nor any money for out-of-pocket medical expenses, but I had to go to the doctor to find out what these red patches on my stomach were. My mom told me to find out what it was and that she would do her best to help me pay for the doctor bills.

Little did I know, those doctor bills were about to get VERY expensive. Gruelingly SPENDY.

I showed up for my first appointment when they told me I probably have lupus.
I’d never heard of lupus before so I didn’t panic— UNTIL I found out what lupus was and then I got scared. I have never been sick before in my life — I literally had PERFECT attendance my entire schooling-- yes, I was a nerd and was even given an award for having perfect attendance. So to be sick wasn’t something I knew how to cope with.

But luckily, my best friend was getting ready to move to San Francisco so I had a shoulder to cry on and someone to help me cope with this plaguing skin disorder.

After numerous appointments to the dermatologist office, they finally took a biopsy and diagnosed me with psoriasis. 

I was devastated. 

Here I was 19 years old just finishing up my freshman year in college and my entire body, head to toe was covered in red, SUPER itchy scales that were multiplying faster than gremlins in water. 

I didn’t have any friends, no boyfriend, and no parental supervision; thank my lucky stars that my best friend was just weeks away from moving in with me.

I was working at a cafe near Twin Peaks, which was just about 2 miles from the rundown house I lived in with 8 other roommates in the excelsior district of San Francisco. The year was 1995. 

I was fortunate to have such an empathetic manager at my job. I used to cry to her a lot about my health condition because I didn’t have any friends.

I remember my manager used to give me “itching breaks” at work. It was HORROR to say the least. URGH.

I would literally have to take breaks from work in the back room just to itch.
MAY 2017
Flakes from when my head itched SOOOOO bad.
It was torture and gross! :(
It was such a horrible time in my life. I remember I dyed my hair blonde so you couldn’t see the flakes on my scalp as well, but I’m sure that just made my scalp psoriasis worse.

I didn’t put it together until years later that the vaccination may have been the cause for my severe case and rapid advancement of psoriasis. Or maybe it was the mold, who knows. I'll probably never know the truth.

Over the next several months my condition did not improve. I was wailing every night on that lumpy futon bed and leaning on my best friend for emotional support and I felt like I had tried everything.

My dermatologist recommended that I come to his office 3-4 times per week to stand in a light box completely naked. So I did. And again, the nurse told me I was the worst case of psoriasis she had ever seen. Great, thanks for the reminder. :(

She asked me to get undressed and with a cotton ball she would dab liquid coal tar all over the inflamed patches. 
- BEFORE (June 2017) AND AFTER -
Then, I’d stand in the light box for a couple minutes and she'd help me wipe off the coal tar before I'd get dressed again. It was awful. And the worse part? I did that for months! What a waste of money.

My condition didn’t improve.

The medical bills began adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars, which I was sending to my mom to help me pay for. That’s when my mom started mailing me books on juicing, nutrition, and herbs.

Although I was from a crunchy, little hippy town in San Diego, I wasn’t familiar with all the healing benefits of plants. So I started reading and reading and reading.

I then began shopping at Rainbow. If you’ve ever been (or lived in San Francisco), Rainbow was the go-to grocery store for natural products. It was before the entire Whole Foods’ revolution began! It was and is an awesome store!

I started buying supplements like primrose oil, zinc, and vitamin D. 

I’d even read that covering my body with a natural oil and wearing a tracksuit would help ease the excessive itching, but that didn’t work either.

I even joined a Buddhist group to help get my stress under control and went to meetings all the time. I met some really amazing people and loved chanting "nam myoho renge kyo", but psoriasis is one stubborn skin disorder!

I literally would have chanted that all day every day.... my stress improved and I made some new friends, but my psoriasis still stuck to me like glue.

After about 9 months of coping with the emotional and physical severity of psoriasis, my dermatologist URGED me to take a vacation with sunshine. 
He even advised that I NOT wear sunscreen, but to make sure I do NOT burn because it could make the condition worse.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a dermatologist recommend NOT wearing sunscreen to anyone; it’s pretty rare.

I know my body was deficient in vitamin D because my skin was so pale, you could practically see my veins.

Needless to say, my best friend and I booked a trip to Hawaii that January with my student loan money. We went for 5 days and I laid out the entire time without sunscreen!

However, we did get VERY sunburned. I was a lobster and it really hurt! Luckily, the woman we were staying with was a crunchy, hippy lady who took incredible care of us! She had these enormous aloe plants in her yard and we slathered it all over our bodies! 

Within a day our sunburn had lessened. She even made us homemade lentil soup (I’d never had lentils before), that was sooooo delicious!

Once we returned from Hawaii, within a week my psoriasis was 90% gone. I couldn’t believe it!

BUT... I wish I could say that my psoriasis never returned, but that wasn’t what happened. For about a year my psoriasis was in remission, but my scalp was still a problem area. ERRRR

Within the year, my body psoriasis had returned, but not as severe as it had been in 1995 (small victory) and I was back to the drawing board.

Over the next 20 years I literally made it my life's mission to cure this annoying skin disorder! And what I discovered is like NOTHING I would have ever expected... NOTHING.

Now after 22+ years of living with psoriasis, I have managed to heal it 100% WITHOUT laying the sun… and yes, even the scalp area too (which tends to be MORE stubborn and harder to heal than the body is). YEEHAW!!! 

For the last 15 years I have been studying holistic health and even got certified as a holistic health practitioner, nutritional consultant, herbalist, and I officially gave myself the title of MASTER MANIFESTOR because I can't take full credit for my miraculous healing; that my friend is the workings of The Universe!!!

In the past 12 months I started going to extreme measures and started working with a ton of different healers. All of them taught me something incredible about healing my skin disorder! More on that later...

I have tested THOUSANDS of holistic remedies because I was determined to stop using topical steroids for my condition.
Not once in the 22+ years of visiting with a dermatologist had they ever recommended me to change my diet, nor discussed repairing my gut, nor talked about alternative medicine like herbs and healing plants as an option for healing my psoriasis. And crystals, Law of Attraction, and emotional trauma? Yeah, right. 

They would have laughed in my face! HA! Now I'm laughing in theirs.

So I took it upon myself to teach and heal myself. 

I'm lucky, my business gives me access to so many different therapies and modalities -- I practically did them all!

I also have my mother to thank for sending me those first couple books on juicing, herbs, and nutrition. It was those first few months after being diagnosed with psoriasis that I started to grasp the healing power of plants and the metaphysics behind psoriasis.

While I was able to get my psoriasis (body) healed 100% by repairing my gastrointestinal tract with diet, supplements, herbs -- it was MANIFESTING, reworking my sleep patterns, and eliminating certain foods/beverages and healing deep rooted past traumas that TRULY healed me all the way. 

However, my scalp was still causing me distress.

If you struggle with scalp psoriasis, trust me when I say it is debilitating! It’s like this constant tightness on your head (almost feels like your wearing a swim cap) that itches, flakes EVERYWHERE, and makes you feel gross.

I know, because scraping off those flakes and using those oily prescriptions or doing those DIY remedies I found on Youtube (they don't work, sorry, I tried all of them!) was a grueling and disgusting process. 

I was SO embarrassed even having the coal tar shampoo in my shower. I used to put it in travel size containers (and throw out the evidence), so if someone (including my boyfriend) ever used my shower, they wouldn’t see my weird shampoo for my scalp psoriasis. 

Or worse, covering my head in Hemp Oil and sleeping with a shower cap only to have half my hair fall out trying to wash the dang oil out of my hair! URGH!!!! Please, don't do it!

Not to mention, my once long beautiful locks (RIP) became dried out and frizzy. I had to chop off 9 inches. I was devastated! My hair was completely unmanageable. If you're a fashionista, you understand my pain! :(

Getting ready to go out with girlfriends became a long treacherous chore-- one that usually ended in tears. So I stopped leaving my house all together. Thank goodness I work from home. I became a recluse. URGH
It became such a mental burden on me, that I actually started showering A LOT less.
I didn’t want to look at my psoriasis and washing my hair was such a long process that just caused my hair to fall out, so I started skipping showering all together. Yeah, I know. Gross.

I was so embarrassed and insecure. And I just wanted to AVOID it.

My psoriasis affected me in all areas of my life. I couldn’t wear a black shirt, fear that flakes would be all over it, and my hair would get all oily because washing it would be a long chore of scraping off the scales every couple days with oil (which never healed my condition, unfortunately). 

And forget ever wearing a crop top even though I have a nice physique. It's like I just couldn't win.

Until one day, I was like: ENOUGH is ENOUGH. 

I busted open my herb books and started testing formulas both topically and internally. And even started working with a holistic doctor and started MANIFESTING MY HEALING. 

That's when I started documenting all these photos too! I knew The Universe was gunna hook me up! Heck, I had already manifested my soulmate 2 months prior!

And FINALLY, it was gone. And when I say GONE, I mean GONE FAST!

I discovered a tree oil I now use on my scalp and an ointment that relieves the red dots and itching on my body. I even started using a Japanese shampoo and conditioner, crystals and journaling, and MY RESULTS WERE MIRACULOUS.

All my friends wanted to know how I finally HEALED myself!!!
And trust me when I say… I understand how annoying it is to WASTE money on “products” that don’t work. Thankfully for my mom, she was able to get her work to split the cost of my doctor bills and I was able to take the years of trial and error with natural healing and now share that information with you. 

It may have taken me 22 years to crack the code, but friend, I DID IT!
Like you, I've spent so much time and money (over $75,000!!!) trying to heal my psoriasis, and almost nothing worked.
JULY 2017
Today, I am ONE happy Holistic Fashionista!
From books to supplements to prescriptions to strange topical DIY remedies to changing my diet every 30 days, I literally had bought and tried everything. People thought I had an eating disorder because I literally had taken everything out of my diet. Trust me when I say, it's NOT just diet.

Nothing seemed to heal my skin entirely and sometimes these "at home" remedies made the problem worse! And when I say “worse” I’m talking about the emotional rollercoaster of having yet another product fail me and another dollar down the drain, and my skin and scalp becoming more and more inflamed.

I was out $200-$500 a month FOR THE PAST 22 YEARS!

It was incredibly expensive and exhausting (not to mention emotionally and psychologically debilitating).

No one talks about the psychological pain that psoriasis causes. Most people just see someone with psoriasis and:

a) feel bad for them 

b) think they look gross. 

It’s so sad. It really does affect your self-esteem whether we admit it or not.

I've always been a tough cookie, but psoriasis broke me down — only it broke me down behind closed doors. I secretly cried almost daily. :(

It is behind those doors that rivers of tears were formed from the emotional pain, poor hygiene from the psychological scars, and the physical anguish of itching like crazy! 

That's a recipe that's bound to make anyone crawl in a hole and withdrawal from society. And that's exactly what I did. I became an un-showered workaholic in my pajamas.

It’s a serious problem. Psoriasis is a serious problem. You might not die from it, but you DO die a little inside because it’s affecting nearly every aspect of your life whether you realize it or not. 
All that secret behavior is a recipe for depression, anxiety disorders, or worse, suicide.
I know because I’ve struggled with all of that AND MORE since being diagnosed with psoriasis in 1995.

But you don’t have to live like that. At least not anymore! :)

I suppose on some level I knew this debilitating skin disorder would lead me to my higher calling: helping others heal their bodies naturally. 

Holistic living has taught me so much about my mind, body, and spirit; what it needs and what it craves in order to bring it back to homeostasis and to kick psoriasis' ass!

I know what to eat, what to avoid, what supplements to take, how to read labels, the healing power of crystals, the plants that help me to heal, and how to MANIFEST like nobody's business!

If you struggle with psoriasis, I want you to know, that I FEEL your pain. I understand on an intimate level how this is affecting your life and how many tears there have been since you discovered you have it.

Not everyone will understand what you go through every single day living with this annoying disorder, but I want you to know that I really do know!
These little babies are like magick! They helped me heal!

I only recently discovered the missing pieces to my holistic routine. And once I made these small changes, I experienced miraculous healing!
There is NOTHING like what I'm about to share with you out in the marketplace. NOTHING, because it's a combination of Law of Attraction, Chinese Herbs, Daily Rituals, and Healing Products that work FAST and are NOT expensive!! 

Say goodbye to your $300 a bottle steroid forever! And eating weeds to maintain your clear skin. It doesn't have to be so!

I know you’ve probably already spent a lot of money on products that didn’t provide results, I've spent so much money on products that NEVER worked. I often wondered if any of those brands even beta tested their products because they didn’t work at all!

Straight up nonsense!

Once you do what I'm about to share with you and it works, you can thank The Universe! 

I manifested this healing and now I'm going to spread the LOVE and the WISDOM to the millions of people who are struggling with psoriasis!

The best part is it is NOT messy. It's NOT hard. And it's NOT expensive. However, it does require commitment.
(My healing is miraculous! It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it! Neither could my friends or boyfriend!)
What you can expect from this course:

√  You'll learn what to eat, what to avoid, and recipes to keep you inspired (and then we will discuss allergy testing so you can eat the foods you love again!!!!)

√  What your "emotions" and past traumas have to do with your condition and how to repair

√  What you need to do morning and night to heal your psoriasis fast!

√  What products to purchase for miraculous healing (NOT EXPENSIVE)

√  Gain access to my holistic doctor for his herbal formula to reduce the inflammation in your body (also, NOT EXPENSIVE)

√  The healing powers of The Universe through Law of Attraction to curb cravings, and tap into your Higher Self for true holistic healing (my exact manifesting plan delivered!)

√  Exact rituals to perform to help you sleep better and heal faster!

It’s that simple!

Imagine how your life would improve if you no longer had psoriasis:

√  You could wear black anytime you feel like it! (what a concept! wink!)

√  No more "secret" crying fits (just happy dances!)

√  No longer fearing the dreaded shower or getting undressed because it's depressing to look at

√  Inability to work because your emotions are all over the place

√  You won’t have to worry about “itch breaks” any more! Or picking at yourself til you bleed :(

√  You’ll no longer feel like you’re wearing a swim cap or fear of losing your hair!

√  Your scalp will feel healthy and flake-free and you skin will be smooth like a baby!! Can you imagine!? Start imagining!!!!

√  No more cracked elbows, knees, crusty ears or splitting skin that bleeds and hurts!

√  No more embarrassment at the grocery store or at the beach! And the freedom to wear whatever you want anytime you feel like it. YES!!

√  And finally get on with your life!!!!!!

I’m beyond excited for you to get your hands on my plan! This holistic plan is 22 YEARS of research, $75,000 worth of buying shit that didn't work, and working with healers and holistic doctors who opened my eyes to miraculous healing! 

This course is 100% authentic, tried and tested by ME! 

I made this course with PURE LOVE.

With every ounce of my being... I KNOW this plan WILL work for you too! It's all happening VERY SOOOOOOOON. Get ready friend! I've got your back, so let the healing games begin!
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